Dice Game Fundraiser for Golf Outing

Introducing a dice roll element to your charity golf outing is an easy way to engage the golfer participants and help raise money for your organization at the event in addition to whatever typical fundraising elements you may have (sales of mulligans or 50/50 tickets, silent auction, etc.). The dice roll contest provides a fun way to get participants more excited about the event (and help keep the pace of play moving along).  

The dice roll game rules are simple. For a $5 (or more) donation, team members could roll the dice and depending on what number they rolled, their team would have an advantage at that hole. In our case, a roll of a 6 got the team to tee off from the 100 yards off the green, a 5 got the team to tee off from the 150 marker, a 3 from the ladies' tees, a 2 from the regular tees, and a 1 from the championship tees. Golfers could also "bribe" the volunteers to let them tee off from one of the closer location spots in the event they only wanted to roll the dice once. The roll would count for the whole group (for example, the most a group of 4 would pay to roll would be 4 times). In terms of pure fundraising analysis, this event is better suited as a stand alone event as opposed to including a roll in your tournament's "super ticket" (if you have one).

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