Our Strategy

As a marketing and consulting firm, we work with our clients to refine and develop realistic marketing strategies as well as help plan events that create long-term marketing value for the organization, its sponsors and patrons.  Our primary clients are non-profits, small businesses, and individuals, and we can also provide marketing and fundraising advice and support for benefit corporations (b-corps) or larger businesses or entities looking to grow their market. The goal of Innovincent is to provide innovative marketing solutions for its clients efficiently and on budget.

Innovincent's Time, Talent, and Treasury Focus

Organizations looking to build their brand, raise their profile, or raise finances (i.e., fundraise) need three things: time, talent, and treasury. This is whether the organization is new, well-established, or somewhere in between, and also whether the organization is a non-profit, small business, or any other type of entity. Time, talent, and treasury are all valuable commodities that always seem to be in short supply.

Innovincent focuses its marketing strategy on each of these commodities to grow your brand and raise greater awareness for your cause. First, we can save you time because we specialize in strategic planning and execution of marketing events, and in particular fundraising events, such as golf tournaments, 5K walks/races, silent auctions, and other larger scale affairs. Second, we can help your in-house and volunteer talent spend their time more efficiently because we provide the expertise and know-how to run these types of events successfully and on (or under) budget. Third, we can help build your treasury because of our practical approach to potential sponsors and participants in these events and through other marketing tactics. 

How We Do It: Plan, Prepare, Empower

Our goals are always aligned with those of our clients, whether they are a brand new non-profit or a long-established business looking to capture or grow a new market. We want to show sponsors a quantifiable return on their investment and help participants become more than passive patrons of or investors in our clients. We accomplish these goals primarily through our client-specific approach to planning, preparing, and empowering.



Planning a successful event can be a daunting task, regardless of where your organization is on the business life cycle. Innovincent will work with you and your organization on evaluating your event and marketing strategy and help decide which event(s) make the most sense in any given year for any given budget. Our goal is to create an event or series of events that gets our clients' key demographics and patrons and sponsors excited to attend or be a part of year after year.  



Once you have settled on an event and its budget, Innovincent continues to work with you and your organization's volunteers to ensure that any interim (and end) goals we have set are met (or are on target to be met). We strive to make sure the right steps are being taken according to schedule so that when the event finally arrives, everything runs smoothly and without incident and the event is a success. The more successful an event, the more enthusiastic participants and sponsors are for the next one.



Our clients often need more than just one successful event in order to meet their long term fundraising and organizational goals. We aim for sustainability and building long term relationships which naturally evolve over time as your organization grows. Innovincent can also work with your organization or leadership on developing new and innovative marketing strategies and additional events or fundraising ideas to maximize awareness and grow your brand.


Contact us via emailthrough our website, or give us a call during regular business hours (9 am to 5 pm eastern) at 302-566-8008 or by clicking on the call me button.

We would love to be part of your team and make your fundraising event memorable and successful.