New York Lawyers Alliance Publishes Nonprofit Guide

Innovincent is always on the lookout for industry trends that may benefit its clients, or the Delaware nonprofit market as a whole. One interesting article, referenced below, discusses an annual guide that is published by the New York Lawyers Alliance, which focuses on nonprofit developments at the state and federal level. 

According to the article, Getting Organized is a 327 page treatise (updated annually) that "offers insights into reporting requirements and fiscal sponsorship" as well as sample forms and resources.  Specifically:

Getting Organized is a hands-on guide for nonprofit managers and attorneys representing organizations that seek to incorporate and secure recognition of tax-exempt status. It helps newly forming groups and their attorneys find online forms, research information, and complete applications to streamline the incorporation and tax exemption process. Getting Organized also offers insight into reporting requirements and fiscal sponsorship. Extensive appendices contain sample forms and resources.

Resources like this are valuable to the industry, particularly at at state level. It would be interesting to see whether there would be any interest in creating a comparable document to the extent there is not one already (and Innovincent is not aware of one beyond the basic coverage in the primary legal treatises). If there is not one, it would take some time and resources to do it, and there would also need to be some buy-in on the concept from members and firms of the Delaware State Bar Association (DSBA) that work with nonprofits, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement (DANA), and other organizations involved in various aspects of the nonprofit space (including Innovincent). 

Check out the article for yourself and comment below or contact us if you think there is any merit to something like this.